There is no such thing as competition and prestige

Art used to make me nervous. People tell me they like what I do, but really: I like to paint, eat, sleep. Paint, eat, sleep.

– Erik Parker, gallery artist


Some do it for the money. Like, being a professional artist. But I don’t have that mindset. Still, eating is important for everyone.

Kind of careless

So a guy like me, who just enjoys painting, could probably never live off of art. Not without help anyways. Then this strange guy comes a long and starts helping me, unconditionally…


After a week or so, he tells me he has opened an account for me. “An account for what?”, I asked myself. Apparently he converted things I did to paying viewers.

Not rich, but...

Don’t really know how he did it and he told me that all I needed to do from now on was to just do the things I was supposed to do. I’am not rich by any monetary means, but I eat. Better than ever.

With lots of love

I guess that’s Daniel for you. And now, with this whole collab thing, and Amada Effio who I truly respect, I can only say that I was lucky. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

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