Put the right people in the boat

Can’t just stand by the sideline and do nothing. There has to be an expression. Of any sort.

– Paige Smith, equality artist & activist


Martin Luther King Jr. was a master in mobilizing people. Thousands of them, if not millions. That feeling.

Change requires changing

I believe in both changing society for the better, but also the whole art industry. You still see a lot of old thinking and that is fine. As long as it is met with contrast.

How can we help?

Platform for collaboration. Brilliant! If you can find all perspectives you need in one spot, that’s ideal. That should be how society works.

The differences

What we do is to put the right people in the boat. The people who never got seen enough. And we give them their voice and expression.

Movement forward

Last time I checked, the world still wasn’t equal. Maybe we’ll never get there. But one thing’s for sure: my feet are moving one step at the time forward. I have gained a lot of momentum here. No intention to stop.

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