Fluency in influence is the new language

The art left an impression and I had great success during launch. There is a lot of strength within the community.

– Paul Octavius, freelancer


Because outreach is important. There aren’t too many communities like this out there for creative artists.


More than 50 % of my customers require me to bring high-level art to the table. Therefore, the support from Daniel Declaire was a given in the creation process.

Design and develop

I gained a lot of perspectives and feedback from the community. It was a peer-review, but in dialogue form, before I even went to the customer.


The benefit being that I could really impress from the start. Nobody had seen anything like the art I presented. One could say it became a collective effort.

Easy to learn

The creative process was completely new for me. Usually I, like many other artists, work alone. This time around I will stay connected. Maybe I can return the favor.

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