Daniel Declaire is a renowned online gallerist, artist and esthetician who founded the global art collaboration and gallery collective in 2008. He started an early collab 2014 with artist and designer Amadaart. They decided to partner because they wanted to create a better way for creators to connect internationally, starting with Amadaart herself.

The first audacious project – Amadaart – was an experiment that quickly got worldwide attention. Today the channel has close to 6,000 followers and 150,000 viewers on Instagram alone. With feedback from hundreds of people during the time and still ongoing, we develop together with influencers from all corners of the world.

“I started painting professionally when I was 11 years old. Back then, with my parents helping me with management to some extent and social media wasn’t really that big, I hadn’t yet experienced the difficulties for artists to build traffic, a fanbase and appealing galleries.

Today, I see thousands of artist from around the world that are reaching millions of people through phones and laptops. It’s a different time. There’s a whole new wave of disruptive artists out there now. One of them being Banksy. With Banksy and artists alike, our platform is drawing attention from collectors and fans, guiding creative professionals – kind of like what my parents once did with me.” – Daniel Declaire, 2016

Our Mission

We’re just happy to release our mix of arts under the brand of Daniel Declaire. The platform is a foundation for the sublime, eclectic and contemporary.

Our Philosophy

We believe in digital and art. Coming years we look forward to grow the site further together. Reaching the curious, brave and groundbreaking.

@ Daniel Declaire

We’ve created a unique collective for the coming painters, artists and estheticians worldwide.